Make-A-Wish Worker Relieved Kid’s Wish Kind of A Lay-Up

CHICAGO- On Monday, Make-A-Wish employee Carolyn Schneider expressed relief that her twelve-year-old client’s wish was “kind of a lay-up” relative to others. Whereas Ms. Schneider typically struggles to contact Hollywood A-listers or schedule private tours of Disneyland, sixth grader Brandon Doherty wished to visit a Dick’s Sporting Goods.

“He didn’t even want a kayak or anything big, just like twenty bucks to buy a hat,” Ms. Schneider said, perplexed. “I asked the kid if he wanted us to invite his favorite athlete to sign what he bought but he said he doesn’t follow sports.” The non-profit worker offered a number of privileges to the terminally ill boy, including private hours to shop, a shoutout on the PA system, and even a limo ride to the store. “No to everything. Kid just wanted a blue hat with liter- ally any logo on it.”

Friends of the family say Brandon did note he wanted something “a little worn… like it was in a big game.” When Ms. Schneider offered to procure an authentic MLB hat worn on the field, Brandon insisted he wanted some- thing available at Dick’s Sporting Goods, to the charity rep’s further confusion.

Brandon’s family says he was “elated” to have his wish approved; he even recorded an “I’m gonna buy a hat” dance that went viral on TikTok. At press time, Ms. Schneider was seen trying to explain the request to bedwildered staff at Dick’s Sporting Goods-Canal Street.

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