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Tireless Mother of Four Honored With Well-Dressed Brunch at IHOP

MILWAUKEE- In a touching tribute to her sacrifices over twenty-seven years of parenting, a local mother of four was honored with a well-dressed brunch at IHOP on Sunday.

Donna Fischer, 43, received thanks from her husband and children in the form of a Mother’s Day venture to the crowded local pancake restaurant, to which she also drove the five other members of the family in her Honda Odyssey. Dressed in khakis and hastily assumed button-down shirts, the Fischer family respectfully waited until 9:30am to surprise their mother with the news they would be going to IHOP to celebrate, and that they were ready for whenever she wanted to drive over.

“It’s a nice gesture,” commented the sleep-deprived mother to reporters while checking wait times with the hostess. Neighbors say the family, for whom Ms. Fischer gave up an aspiring career as a cardiologist, “really delivered” with the trip to their devoted caretaker’s ninth favorite breakfast option. “To throw on some sweaters from Thanksgiving and treat their mom to a Rooty-Tooty pancake combo at half price shows some old school appreciation,” remarked an extended family member.

At press time, members of Fischer’s family were discussing plans for her birthday, a business casual dinner at Olive Garden.

Ms. Fischer’s kids asked if they could stop at CVS on the ride home “to buy a card for someone.

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