Business Culture

Chik-Fil-A Customer Waits for Server to Bless Food Before Eating 

“If you do not wish to receive communion, please fold your utensils across your chest.”

LOUISVILLE- Thanking the cashier and accepting her change, local woman Tara Quinn patiently held off from eating until the Chik-Fil-A staffer finished blessing her chicken sandwich combo meal. 

“And may you draw strength from this, thy Lord’s bounty, that you may resist sins of body thy equal,” intoned 19-year-old Dominic Strauss, hovering his hands above Ms. Quinn’s medium fries.  

“I don’t mind the fanfare but sometimes the food gets cold before they finish the Daily Collect,” she said. A Lutheran by birth, Ms. Quinn says it’s sometimes difficult to know when exactly she can dig into her Frosted Lemonade. “Just when I reach for my straw he’ll start a call-and-response segment and we’re back where we started,” she sighed. 

Ms. Quinn also expressed discontent with the franchise’s waste management. “I used to hand back the sauce packets until I realized they print the liturgy on them, which makes it easier to follow along.”

Customers unwilling to temper their hunger until the end of the waitstaff’s prayer say it’s a calculated risk. “One cashier tried to exorcise me for sneaking a bite of my Spicy Southwest Salad. Brought out snakes and everything,” wrote one Yelp reviewer. 

At press time, the Chik-Fil-A pastor visited Ms. Quinn’s table to make sure she and her female partner were “just friends.”

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