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White Woman Pauses Stream of “When They See Us” to Call Cops on Black Repairman

“My two favorite movies are 13th and Django Unchained” Ms. Baumford gushed.

MAY- Pressing pause on her selfprescribed social justice marathon, Prospect Park resident Kelsey Baumford contacted the NYPD to report a “suspicious” man spotted on a neighbor’s porch Friday evening, who witnesses say was a hired repairman. “I was working my way through Buzzfeed’s “10 Films That Say Black Lives Matter” when I I saw someone who looked out of place,” said Ms. Baumford, dressed in a v-neck bejeweled with a John Lewis quote. Despite criticism, Baumford insists race wasn’t a factor in her actions. “I’m an ally,” Baumford declared, brandishing a photo of a black square she’d posted to Instagram for Blackout Tuesday. “If anything, I didn’t want people using a bad egg to justify the stereotypes the rest of the African-American community has to face.” Ms. Baumford noted she would not have contacted police if she suspected the man would be set up in the exact same circumstances as the 1989 Central Park Five. “When They See Us really opened my eyes to stuff around injustice, so I was hesitant to make the call. In the end I asked myself ‘am I nervous because of what he looks like, or more his general vibe’ and I think it was more his general vibe.” When asked to elaborate on the profiled man’s “vibe,” Ms. Baumford used the term “gangster” before stammering and adding “but like Eminem, in 8 Mile.” Friends say the experience was harrowing for Baumford, who skipped her book club’s discussion of White Fragility by Robin D’Angelo. At press time, Ms. Baumford tweeted “ACAB” before thanking the 78th Precinct for their timely response.

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